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Ordnance, Explosives, and Related Items

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US Army

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A Textbook of Ordnance and Gunnery

America's Munitions, 1917-1918

Ammo for 90mm Gun M3

Ammunition - Powder and Explosives

Ammunition End Items and Components

Chemical Agent Identification Sets

Captured Ammunition Bulletin No 1

Captured Ammunition Bulletin No 5

Captured Ammunition Bulletin No 6

Catalog of Enemy Ordnance Materiel

Catalog of Standard Ordnance Items, Volume 1

Catalog of Standard Ordnance Items, Volume 2

Catalog of Standard Ordnance Items, Volume 3

Chemical Munition EOD Study Guide

Chemical Warfare Service - Chemical In Combat

Combat Intelligence Lessons, No. 11 (1971)

CW 11-1, Ammunition, 4.2 Inch Chemical Mortar

DAPAM 30-4-4 Volume 1, Artillery (1955)

DAPAM 30-7-4 Volume 3, Infantry Weapons (1954)

Detection and Clearance of Japanese Mines

Development of Mechanical Time Superquick Fuze M506 (1960)

Elements of Ordnance

Encyclopedia of Explosives (May 1960)

Engineer Intelligence Bulletin No 1

Engineer Intelligence Bulletin No 2

Engineer Intelligence Bulletin No 3

Examination of Unfired Italian 47mm APHE

Exhibit of Recently Developed Ordnance Material

Field Artillery Notes 2

Field Artillery Notes 4

Field Artillery Notes 5

Field Artillery Notes 6

Field Artillery Notes 7

Field Artillery Notes 8

FSTC 381-4012, Typical Foreign Unconventional Weapons

FSTC 381-5042, Handbook of Foreign Explosives (1965)

Fuze, Guided Missile, Proximity, T3008E5

Fuze, Practice, XM746

Fuze, Time, XM561E1

German and Japanese Solid-Fuel Rocket Weapons

German Chemical Warfare and Smoke (1940)

German Demolition Equipment

German Hand and Rifle Grenades

German Military Symbols

German Tank Mines


Gunners Instruction (12 Inch Mortar)

Handbook for Light Artillery

Handbook of Aircraft Armament

Handbook of Ballistic and Engineering Data for Ammunition, Vol 1

Handbook of Ballistic and Engineering Data for Ammunition, Vol 2

HDL-TM-72-3, Electronic Time Fuze for 60mm Mortar

Identification of Artillery Projectiles

Index of Aeronautical Equipment, Volume 5, Armament

Instructions for Using Gas Identification Sets

Intelligence Report on Japanese Chemical Warfare, Vol I

Interpreting Ammunition Markings and Color Codes

Japanese Ammunition, Part III - 20mm

Japanese Ammunition, Part IV

Japanese Ammunition, Part V

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 2

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 3

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 4

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 5, Part A

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 5, Part B

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 5, Part C

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 5, Part D

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 5, Part E

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 5, Part F

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 5, Part G

Japanese Chemical Warfare, Volume 5, Part H

Japanese Infantry Weapons

Japanese Land Mines

Japanese Land Mines and Boobytraps

Japanese Ordnance Markings

Japanese Seacoast Artillery

Japanese Weapons

Launcher, Rocket, Multiple, T59

Lectures on Explosives

Loki Antiaircraft Free Flight Rocket System

M126A1 Nose Fuze for M47A2 Indendiary Bomb

Manual of Fuzes, General Loading

Military Pyrotechnics, Vol 1

Mine Guide (1990)

New Ordnance Material (1945)

Notes on Ammunition Bulletins 216-R2 and 287 (1918)

Notes on Grenade Warfare

Old Chemical Weapons and Related Materiel Reference Guide (2018)

Old Chemical Weapons Reference Guide (1998)

Old Chemical Weapons: Munitions Specification Report (1994)

Ordnance Ammunition Drawings, Book 1

Ordnance Ammunition Drawings, Book 2

Ordnance Ammunition Drawings, Book 4

Ordnance Ammunition Drawings, Book 5

Ordnance Ammunition Drawings, Book 6

Ordnance Ammunition Drawings, Book 7

Ordnance Memoranda 21, Ammunition, Fuses, Primers

Ordnance Technical Intelligence Reports 1

Ordnance Technical Intelligence Reports 2

Ordnance Technical Intelligence Report 192, 38 cm R Sprgr 4581 Rocket Projectile for the Raketenwerfer 61 (1945)

Pacific Area Material

PAM 30-60-1 Part III Vol 2, Mine Warfare and Demolition Equipment

Portable Flamethrower Operations

Recently Developed Ordnance Materiel

Recoilless Weapons

Rocket and Rocket Launcher Projects

Rocket Launcher T59

Rocket Materiel

Seventh Annual Report of the Chemical Corps Bio Labs

Shell, HE, 105mm, M1

Special Technical Intelligence Bulletin 10 (1945)

Special Technical Intelligence Bulletin 9 (1945)

Soviet Chemical Weapons, An EOD Examination

Special Translation No 82, Data on Japanese Explosives

Special Translation No 9, Data on Japanese Bombs and Explosives

ST 9-152, Ordnance Technical Terminology

Summary Report, Fuze, PIBD, T278E8

T1019 Fuze and T48 Grenade

TC 23-22, 20mm Gun M139 (1969)

TC 5-31, Viet Cong Boobytraps, Mines, and Mine Warfare Techniques (1967)

TC 5-31, Viet Cong Boobytraps, Mines, and Mine Warfare Techniques (1969)

Technical Intelligence Brief 3-68, Communist Bloc Projected Munition Fuzes in Vietnam

Technical Intelligence Summary 1 (1944)

Textbook of Ordnance and Gunnery

Training Bulletin GT-16, Boobytraps (1943)

Translations and Interrogations No 16 (1945)

Translations and Interrogations No 22 (1945)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 10 (1945)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 11 (1945)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 12 (1945)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 13 (1945)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 14 (1945)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 15 (1945)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 16 (1945)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 5 (1944)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 6 (1944)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 7 (1945)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 8 (1945)

USAFPOA Intelligence Bulletin No 9 (1945)

Very Pistol (1918)

Viet Cong Improvised Explosive Mines and Boobytraps (1966)

Weapons for Jungle Warfare (1944)